Energy is everything

Cultivating and caring for your energy is an essential element for well-being. Discover the world’s best remote energy healers from the comfort of your home.

Different types of energies as seen by LuminaraDifferent types of energies as seen by Luminara

Energy is the future of wellbeing

We all have mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blockages that effect our health and wellbeing.

An ancient practice, Energy healing can help release anxiety, trauma, depression, broken hearts, chronic pain and stomach problems to name a few.

How luminara works?

1. Find your lightworker

Be guided towards a wide selection of energy healers or choose someone you already know.

2. Schedule your remote session

Schedule 24/7 and pay through our secure portal. You’ll only be charged once the session is complete.

3. Enjoy your session

Integrate your session in peace and quiet of the comfort of your home (instead of in transport!).

Connect with the right healer for you

With 30 years of experience on our core team, we interview & test every healer. We pride ourselves in having the best network of healers around, plus education and masterclasses to support your healing journey.

Dee Anderson

Energetic Space Clearing / & more

Madaline Jones

Reiki & Energetic Meditation / & more

Lionel Gougne

Clairvoyant Energy Healing / & more

Renée Atkins

Quantum Reiki Healing / & more

One source, many techniques

Our healers use a wide range of interdisciplinary tools based on your specific needs, including among others:



EFT (Tapping)





Why Energy Healing?

We believe in a lighter world.
This starts with our energy.

The more we balance our energy, the faster we evolve. Every moment of healing brings us to a lighter & brighter future.


Enlighten your energy

Give a boost to your life

from the comfort of your home.